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The chilean palm tree association is intended to divulge, promote and inform about the cultivation, reproduction and preservation of palm trees in chile.

The european palm society is the very first on-line palm organization in the world! we hope to provide information, enjoyment, interactive discussion, and the very best articles and pictures on cold hardy palms and other exotics.

Int. Palm Soc.
International palm society promotes discussion, research and knowledge sharing among palm tree growers worldwide. join online.

Le site web de l'association française des fous de palmiers, revue trimestrielle le palmier, son forum de discussion, ses photos, sa banque de graines, les liens francophones et internationaux sur la culture et l'acclimatation du palmier

The goals of the palm and cycad societies of florida are to unite the palm and cycad societies/chapters in florida and to provide a statewide network of people interested in the wonderful world of palms and cycads.

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